Stop Being Held Back By The Negative Voices In Your Head! Learn To Develop An Empowering Relationship With Them That Propels You To Your Greatness In Life And Business.

Dear Truth Seeker-

You’ve landed here because you are someone who seeks the most out of your life.

You are a BIG personality with BIG goals and ambitions.

You are a firm believer in your ideals.

You’ve accomplished amazing things in the pursuit of your passions and you are at a great place where you are ready to take your business and dreams to the next level.

You’re ready as ever to stretch out your arms and claim your place in the world.

There is only one small problem to your readiness and that is…

Critic text



Your inner critic is that pesky and obnoxious voice in your head that is constantly criticizing you and making you believe that you don’t have what it takes to live your dreams.

It’s the voice that gets on your case about everything telling you that your hair is a mess or how you need to lose weight or that you look horrible in that outfit and so on.

Woman Screaming at Another Female on White BackgroundIn business, it’s the voice that says… (says)

… why would anyone listen to you?

… who are you to charge that much?

… other people are already doing that, so why should I bother!

… you’ll never find the clients to pay you that much.

… you cant afford that right now!

… I’ll never be as good or smart as ______.

… this is just too hard and I should just get a day job.

… who do you think you are to DO or BE that?


Even though your inner critic is with you day and night, it always gets most vocal right before you are ready to take massive action or make a decision to do something that will take you and your business to the next level.


Because its primary job is to keep YOU safe.

You see, your inner critic has all these RULES it’s been taught to follow.  And, it wants to make sure that you behave yourself according to those rules because if you don’t, then it could mean you get cast out, abandoned or disliked by your peers.

Your Inner Critic was born out of a childhood need to survive and now those voices have come to rule your adulthood in ways that are NOT supportive.

You know exactly what I am talking about and at this point in your life, you are sick and tired of giving that voice the power it doesn’t deserve.

You’re ready to overcome the constant suffering that your inner critic creates for you.

You wish that just once, you could move forward without the barrage of doubt that accompanies your decisions to become more visible.



The key to taming your inner critic is to develop a relationship and understanding of what your critic is actually trying to tell you.

key-to-unlock-the-mindBehind every critical voice lies a hidden key to help you unlock the deep limiting beliefs that hold you back.

It is the fastest path I have personally found to help you break free of the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep you from achieving your greatest success.

Give me six weeks and I will teach you my tried and true, Inner Critic Taming Technique that has personally helped me to transform my life in profound ways and led me to have more money, more intimacy and more fun!

The power of this work is unlike ANY I’ve ever experienced.

Here are just a few snippets of what has transformed for me…


It used to be that when my husband and I argued or when things got emotional, I would find myself getting really mean and vicious toward him while inside I would be telling myself that this relationship was not worth it, and that I should leave or shove him out.

Vector illustration of warrior woman holding swordWhat was happening was my “protective rebel” character was showing up.

Her job was to protect my heart so that I didn’t get hurt and she got really good at keeping me from expressing vulnerability or authentic hurt feelings (in front of anyone).  Instead, she (I) would go into fight and survival mode when really, all I needed was a hug or to be acknowledged and loved.

Since I’ve given this character a name and began an internal dialogue with her, my relationship has opened up to unbelievable heights.

I am now able to be completely vulnerable with my man and share my hurts with him in a way he can understand, hear and respond to. That has brought him even closer to me and allowed him to open up and share his vulnerabilities as well.

Our communication has been extraordinary, our sex life has gotten juicier and when any fights do happen (which are rare), we move through it at lightning speed and end up with a powerful awareness of what needs to be let go of in each of our lives to get closer to where we want to be in our partnership and business.




I used to be a bit of a tyrant when it came to my business.

I would get really upset when things wouldn’t go as planned. I would push and get things done even when I was exhausted or my systems were pushing back.  I would get upset and annoyed when my partner or team members would not work as hard or didn’t seem to give as much as I did.   Or I would take on more than I should because I didn’t think anyone else would be able to get the job done as well as I could.

It was no fun for anyone.

MissPissWhen I applied my Inner Critic Taming Technique to the situation I became aware of  “Little Miss Piss” and SHE was the one running the show.

She was fearful of what would happen if I slowed down or allowed others to contribute to me by taking on some of the workload.  She was hell bent on making sure that things got done so that I could live up to my standards of success that never seemed attainable.

In reality, what she really needed (and wanted) was a break. She sought more balance in her life and wanted to spend more time enjoying life.

Once I came to understand that when she starts to get more vocal, by causing me to become more bossy and pissy, it’s time to stop working and do something fun.

With that awareness, my whole business shifted.

Now, I am great at delegation.  I have a solid team of amazing people who support me and my business.  I am able to stop working when I am exhausted and actually gain clarity to focus my efforts more easily.  My work is much easier and enjoyable AND money manifests 10x faster and in larger increments than when she ruled the roost!

The results that I have gotten (and continue to get) with my Inner Critic Taming Technique in my own life are astounding.   And now I want to help you to experience the same!

Join me for a six week journey to uncover and heal the underlying beliefs that feed your inner critic’s negativity toward you so that you can finally break free of the deepest patterns that hold you back.

Turn Your Inner Critics Into Fuel For Your Success


In this revolutionary “Tame Your Inner Critic” program I will take you by the hand to discover and learn from your own inner critics.

Over a series of six solid, 90 minute, interactive and engaging sessions, you will quickly transform from victim to victor in the areas of your life that you can’t seem to get leverage in, or that cause you the most angst and struggle.

You will be directly supported by myself AND an amazing tribe of professional women who are ready to up-level their life and business.


This is the discovery phase where you will be guided to not only identify and understand the various “selves” that reside within you, but you will uncover how to listen to what they need in order to get them to stop controlling your life and outcomes.


We will take a deep look at the darker parts of your inner critic to discover and heal the underlying fears and anxieties that keep them vocal and in charge. You will be given tools and exercises to shed some much needed light and love on these “inner gremlins” so that they begin to soften and behave in a way that supports you.


We all have needs, some are just a little more hidden.  In this session you will reveal and understand what the specific needs are of your inner critics. You will be guided to see what is required to meet those needs so that you can use the power of the inner critic to change your life for the better.  By this session, you will begin to experience more flow in the areas of your life that have been stagnant or stuck.


Put your critic to the test.  We all get to choose how we behave and now that you have learned to identify the pivotal point where you and your critic become one, you can start to consciously shift the behaviors that do not serve to the highest expression of self.  This is where the rubber meets the road for long term shifts in how powerfully you show up for yourself.


Now that you have developed a solid relationship with your inner critics, we will find out how they play (or don’t play) well with others.  This session will help you to explore the dynamics of relationship in order to help you to understand the roots of conflict, why you attract the people you do, and how to break recurring patterns of behavior. You will discover how to create loving ‘no fault’ relationships in which you can communicate your needs, hopes and fears in a more open and honest way.


Lasting change can take time to lock in, but with the power of the inner critic work, you will learn how to fast track your way to becoming in charge of your thoughts, emotions and actions.  You will learn tools and techniques to support you in ending the blame game once and for all and understand at a soul level how to change your unwanted results on a dime and manifest what you truly want with greater ease and speed.

By the end of this program you will…

  • Become more confident in going after what you want and desire
  • Have less insecurities about claiming your place in the world.
  • Experience increased self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Stop getting into silly, nit-picky fights with those you care about.
  • Cut down on precious time and energy loss due to emotional outbursts, pity parties, meltdowns or temper tantrums.
  • Gain a new context for communication when you are feeling hurt in your relationships.
  • Learn how to recognize but not personalize upsets and stressors.
  • Discover a way to take back your power.
  • Be able to heal old hurts in record time.
  • Stop taking feedback or criticism personally.
  • Enjoy more honest and open relationships.

And SO much more!

YES!!! I’m ready to Tame My Inner Critics Once and For All!
I understand I’m getting:
  • 6 Audio MP3 Recorded Lessons with interactive Q&A
  • Transformational Guidebook
  • Action Steps
  • Guest Expert Calls
  • Tame Your Inner Critic Online Community

Turn Your Inner Critics Into Fuel For Your Success



The cool thing about this inner critic taming work is that it’s not only profound, but also tons of fun!

This process helps to take the intensity out of this “shadow” work and provides you with a framework of curiosity and discovery in which to delve deep into the parts of yourself that have been hidden and shamed for decades, if not a lifetime.

No matter how much “how-to” or “business strategy” you may learn to grow your business, nothing is more important than understanding and shifting the beliefs and thoughts that keep you from taking the big leaps to greater success.

BONUS #1private-coaching1Complimentary 30 minute private session with me to get right to the heart of the your inner critic and change her attitude once and for all!  ($250 value) – SOLD OUT


The consistent practice of this taming technique will help you successfully utilize work to up-level your life.   By interacting in our private Facebook group, you’ll get to engage with other like minded women who are learning to befriend and empower their critics as well.  (priceless!)


Don’t let your critics convince you that ANY of the following are true!

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself: “this sounds great, but…” which is usually followed by one of these unfortunate thoughts.

Your Critic’s Argument #1: You Don’t Have The Time Or Money

So here’s the real question:

“Will you choose to stay exactly where you’re at and let your circumstances dictate your reality OR will you choose in favor of your highest good & expansion?

There are just some things you can’t afford NOT to do.  This is one of them!

Your Critic’s Argument #2: You Can Do This Work On Your Own

One of the ways your mind keeps you stuck is by convincing you that “you can make the necessary shifts all on your own.”

The curious thing is though… Why haven’t you then?

It’s a lot harder to stay focused and powerful when you don’t have the wisdom of a guide and the support of a tribe to help you see the light when the going gets tough.

Could you do this on your own?  Of course, I had to.  However, for me it took YEARS to get to where I am now.

Wouldn’t you like to shortcut the whole process and see results NOW!

Your Critic’s Argument #3: You’re Not Ready Yet

Most people have this false idea that there is such a thing as “the right time”. That once you achieve XYZ and set up ABC, then you can start doing things like this.

But how long have you been preparing?

It’s time to start moving forward even when you feel un-prepared. The truth is, this is what’s REQUIRED from you to breakthrough.

Otherwise, you’re just getting in the way of the momentum that wants to move but is being blocked by your perfectionist tendencies.

Seriously… let’s go.

I can’t wait to show you exactly what you need to do to change your inner voices to a supportive and helpful ally in life and business.

Shine on-





ValerieS“I have spent most of my life telling myself I wasn’t good enough, deserving enough, smart enough and so on. I never finish what I start, wondering what it was that made me think I was capable of running my own business.

When I took your tame your critic program, and Fanny Fuckup was revealed to me, I started talking to her. She wasn’t saying that I couldn’t do it she needed me to give her the reasons why I could. I kept hearing “what the hell is wrong with you, you never finish anything, you don’t have the education.”

What she was trying to say was I don’t finish the things that don’t really matter to me. If it is important I never give it up. 19 years of marriage to a man I am more in love with today than the day I married him. An 18 year old son who is getting ready to start college, and is completely ready to spread his wings. Not only will he fly, he will soar higher than some may think is possible. A 14 year old who went from thinking he was nothing to anybody and failing horribly in school to a straight A student.

These things I have worked my ass off to make possible because they matter, they are important. I never let fanny finish, I only heard part of what she was telling me and that is where I was focusing. Because I finally gave her the opportunity to finish the conversation, I have had 2 new clients contact me for help, with a possible 3rd I am going to speak with tomorrow.

I have since decided to take the plunge into my business full throttle and pull back in my full time job, a week ago I was too scared to give up even one day a week to focus on my business.  I am now taking that one day each week with the goal of being in my business full time before the end of the year. How’s that for taming my critics?

Thank you for showing me that the life I planned on is not only possible but is right around the corner and everyday I get closer to it.”  – Valerie Snyder, KBK Office Services

PS-  If you know that this work will help you but you are hearing yourself make excuses about WHY you shouldn’t sign-up for this program, it’s definitely YOUR INNER CRITIC talking!

She is fighting for her life so she can keep YOU safe (and STUCK).

Isn’t it time you made a choice for yourself to take action despite the rules she wants you to follow?  It’s time to empower yourself and help get both your needs met.

Are you ready to take the leap?

If you have any questions please contact Brandon at Life Stylized by calling 518.290.6690 or emailing her directly.